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Whacker Catcher Products is a bait manufacturer based in Wellingborough. Originally established in 1991 by the late Alan Taylor, Whacker Catcher Products has been rolling high-quality fishing bait and catching whackers for over 30 years!

Specialising in carp bait, particularly boilies, pellets and liquids, WCP only uses the highest quality ingredients in every bait! With an ever-growing range of baits to suit all areas of carp angling, be sure to stock up your fishing armoury and go catch yourself a Whacker!

WCP Boilies

Catch of the Month Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to Dave Charlesworth WINNER of Catch of the Month for May!! It’s always a special moment landing a British 40, but when it’s the lake’s largest resident it’s extra special – this old warrior tipped the scales at 46lbs!Well done Dave, some WCP goodies will be on their way to you soon!  

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