White Label Bait Service

Have you ever considered selling your own bait at your lake, fishery or tackle shop? Whacker Catcher Products can make that a reality! We’ve been producing the highest quality of bait since 1991, but not all of that bait is sold under our own WCP brand.

Our ‘white label bait service’ produces exclusively bespoke bait for local tackle shops and fisheries and has been doing this succesfully for many years.

Other than the obvious financial benefits, there are many other pro’s to having control over bait that goes into your lakes. As owners of the stunning Ecton Lakes complex in the Nene Valley, we know the importance of feeding a high-quality, nutritious bait to our own fast growing fish.

We offer 3 levels of service to choose from, along with a number of valuable extras to help you sell our quality bait as your own.

Case Studies

Bespoke Boilies for Fishery

The Ecton Berry was designed and produced to feed the residents of the Nene Valley pits that we call home; the stunning Ecton Lakes. Don’t for a second think that this just a ‘cheap feed bait’, far from it in fact – this bait has been designed to be highly nutritious with all the elements carp need for both health and growth.

Bespoke Boilies for Retailer

CSI Boilies were designed and produced for a local fishing retailer. Full logo and packaging design service with regular deliveries of a high quality bespoke boilie in a variety of sizes along with liquid grub to match.

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