Introducing Our New WCP Junior Team

The team here at WCP have all been passionate anglers since a knee high age and would have loved to be part of an exciting fishing brand growing up – this is the main reason for setting up the WCP Junior Team.

Our aim is to support these youngsters by supplying bait, guidance – it a pleasure to give something back to the sport we all love!

We are super happy to have selected 11 youngsters to join the team, and look forward to sharing their angling journey alongside our own.

So, without futher ado.. we give you the brand new WCP Junior Team.. *drumroll*

  • Tom Burr
  • Henry Mortimer
  • Kai Millen
  • Jack Drury
  • James Legg
  • Brinley Ledger
  • Ethan Wilson
  • Finlay Jaggard
  • Caden Pattison
  • Fynlay Perry
  • Carlton Wiley


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